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Barnwood Builders Haley Cabin

Updated: Sep 11, 2018

Many of you may remember our Idea and Inspiration House from the 2018 HMCBA Spring Home Show. Inspired by Mark Bowe of Barnwood Builders and designer, Karen Tillery, it was a beautifully designed modern interior space nestled inside the logs of centuries old, full of a history all its own.

For the Haley's there was an immediate connection, not just with the log cabin style home itself, but with the essence of what it represented... that time in history where life was much simpler, families spent quality time together and hard work was more than something you did, it was part of who you were. Well, some things never change, at least for Carter and Nancy Haley, our owners. When it comes to family and hard work, you could say it's just part of every day life for them.

Coming from a family of seven children, Nancy says, "Family was just embedded in my way of thinking." A business that began 30 years ago in a small office with only four people, one of which was their oldest son Chris and shortly after to be joined by their youngest son Michael, has grown into over 60 employees today with spouses and grandchildren now part of the business.

So, how does all this fit together? Home show... log cabins... family values... hard work and then throw in the Barnwood Builders... Well, it's really simple. This Haley family is building a LOG CABIN and the Barnwood Builders, from the hit show on the DIY Network, are putting it all together, the log cabin that is. Our good friend, designer, and we can now say builder, Karen Tillery, will be transforming this log cabin into not only a piece of history with modern day touches, but a family home that brings generations together.

Some design features in the cabin will include not only unique characteristics of the cabin itself, but a little piece of Nancy's past: the front door from her grandmother's house, also known as "the Granny door." The house is no longer there, but it still holds cherished memories of Nancy's younger days and will always have a special place in her heart.

Still reminiscing, she says "When my Grandaddy passed away, my Grandmother had to move in with us. We had to help with the farm which meant tending to the cows and doing chores around the barn." Nancy shares, "All of the cows had names, but one cow in particular was very special to me... his name was Charlie and I was in charge of taking care of him."

Well, times have changed for Nancy and Carter, but one thing has not, and that is family. The Haley Family Cabin will hold memories of the past and celebrations of the future. If only these walls could talk, I wonder what they'd say... and once again, they will soon be filled with love, laughter, and warmth of the Haley family, children, and grandchildren.

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