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Should I Stay or Should I Go?

You might think you’re having a flash back to a favorite 80’s classic, right? Well, it’s actually

a question many of us are asking ourselves these days. If your kids are grown and moved out of the house, I'm sure you've considered downsizing. Maybe your thought process sounds like “since the market is so good right now, especially for sellers, and interest rates are so low, this would be a great time to put our house on the market and make a move.” So, how do you make the decision to stay or go?

We asked a local realtor to give us her position in helping clients make the decision because let’s face it, if you have a really great realtor, they’re going to want you to be in a home that's as she said, “the place you love to drive up to!” The first thing she asks her clients is, “What’s your motivation to move? For instance, does your home no longer meet your needs? Does it need a renovation? Has the area you’re living in changed?" If your answer is yes to any of those questions, then selling your home is a great option! However, be ready to move quickly both in selling and buying your home because of the trends in the real estate market right now. The realtor encouraged, “setting realistic expectations and educating the client on the market are very important… be prepared in getting multiple offers, both on the home you’re selling and the home you’re considering purchasing.”

So if you feel like your home has great bones and holds warm memories, stay! Your home is uniquely yours.

If renovations are needed and that was one of your driving factors on selling your home, consider taking those on if you enjoy DIY projects. Be prepared for a big ole’ mess and lots of patience during the process. Think of it as more memories being made in your home. On the other hand, if you’d rather take a vacation and let someone else do it, that’s a great option too… probably the best one to preserve your sanity! If you choose to let the experts assist you, the first place to start is with a designer or contractor that can coordinate your project. Decide on the most important things to update and work from there. Pinterest is always a good source of inspiration if you need to gather ideas for the space you're wanting to renovate!

We spoke to a homeowner on their decision to stay or go, and they offered a different outlook. They decided to go ahead and renovate two of the most important areas of their home now, the master bath and the kitchen, so that they could enjoy it until they decided to sell. These homeowners love the area where they live and wanted to build in the same neighborhood, but the next phase of lots weren’t going to be ready for possibly a couple of years. Just updating those two rooms, along with some fresh paint and a few new pieces of furniture gave those spaces a whole new look and feel!

If selling your home is the best option, look for a great location and a home with good bones. The possibilities are endless, and you can have the dream home you’ve always wanted…. Whether you stay or go!

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