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Showcasing a Masterpiece

We absolutely fell in love with this year's Showcase Home for the 2020 Parade of Homes. The interior and exterior of the home turned out beautiful, and we know you'll think so too!

Built by Bryne Turner of Vintage Construction, and designed by one of our very own, Debbie Neighbors, the background of this beautiful canvas was laid. Filled with incredible features of honed granite, exquisite tile, clean lines, unique moldings and ceilings, lighting fixtures that make bold statements, and of course, one of the most beautiful hardwood floors we've seen yet... it was easy to create a masterpiece.

Filled with excitement, we carefully planned out a decorating scheme that would flow with with the monochromatic and modern design Debbie had created. In doing this, we wanted to make sure that the design was not only modern, but warm and inviting as well. So, we decided to stay with the monochromatic theme and use colors that would give depth and dimension to the soft white backdrop running throughout the home. To liven it up a bit, we pulled in a taste of fall with a rich and luxurious pop of orange you'll see in several of the rooms. This was especially gorgeous in the study where Debbie reversed the monochromatic color scheme and used an intense dark charcoal on the walls to accent the geometric design on the ceiling.

Traveling through the rest of the home, we continued with this color scheme in our furnishings and accessories... whites, blacks, charcoals, and pops of orange, with the exception of the kids rooms upstairs and the master bedroom. Speaking of kids, it only made sense to use kid and pet friendly fabrics on all of the main upholstery pieces. This was especially important with the white chairs in the kitchen and sectional in the bonus room. There was also an organic, natural feel to this home so we wanted to emphasize that as well. In doing so, we decided to use natural-woven rugs, rattan barstools, nature-inspired arrangements and organic elements in our design.

In the family room, we used two of our favorite Norwalk sofas in a beautiful dark charcoal color with a cozy velvety-feel to create the look of a sectional without the commitment of a sectional. We really liked using this design because it gives you the option to change the furniture layout in your room or have a table in between. To contrast the dark sofas, we chose a modern white table for the cocktail and end table. We also really loved adding these two metal-framed Norwalk chairs in a soft-tan leather fabric to warm up the space. When we were finished, it created a modern, sophisticated style with a cozy and homey feel!

So getting to the kid's rooms... we wanted to create a simple yet elegant, non-cluttered feel to those rooms. Of course we know when the kids really get here, it probably won't stay like this, but we had fun putting it together anyway! We also felt that the kids needed a place to site, read, study, or play with their favorite toys so we designed a little space all of their own. This was our most challenging space, but we the way it came together!

The master bedroom and bath were decorated by Karen Pearson of The Chameleon and we think she did an amazing job of pulling some of our design scheme throughout those spaces as well... it was as if she read our minds! She created a serene and elegant retreat that would make anyone want to come home to.

To wrap it up... the finishing touches were applied, the canvas was completed and a masterpiece was created!

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