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Kitchen Trends for 2021

The kitchen is the heart of the home and that special place where memories are always being made. Each year fresh ideas of how to liven up the kitchen, while allowing it to still remain comfortable and functional. What's to expect for kitchen design in 2021? Read on to find out!

Quartz countertops: while marble and granite countertops are still a favorite in kitchen countertops, quartz is becoming a popular alternative. Quartz countertops provide a contemporary look to your space while being the most durable option for your kitchen countertop, as well as easy to manage. You can also expect to see dark kitchen countertops this year; from dark toned wood counters to dark / glossy options. Dark countertops bring in just the right amount of contrast to your kitchen, especially if you have lighter cabinets.

Clean, cool color palettes have always been a favorite in kitchens. This year, warmer tones are making a comeback. Rattan furniture / accents were big in the 70’s and now are becoming more prevalent throughout homes; especially in kitchens. Rattan bar stools and light fixtures bring all the warm tones to your space in a contemporary, natural way. Reclaimed wood cabinets or open shelving are also great ways to bring some warmth into your kitchen. More people are finding ways to bring reclaimed wood into their kitchen, adding a rustic touch to the space. You can expect to see more of this trend throughout the year.

Whether it’s darker cabinet colors, natural stone backsplashes, or rich browns in other kitchen decor, warm color palettes will be growing in popularity in 2021.

Another developing kitchen trend is patterned / textured backsplash tile. Selecting a backsplash with color or pattern instantly livens up the space, bringing personality and character to an otherwise neutral part of your home. Making design selections for your kitchen can be overwhelming seeing that there are so many styles and colors of product to choose from. Don’t play it safe! Adding that color or pattern backsplash can make all the difference in your kitchen.

We saved the best for last. The last kitchen trend for 2021 is choosing local. If 2020 brought anything good, it was supporting local businesses. It made many of us re-consider how we furnish our home. Keeping that in mind, we encourage you to get on board with this trend going into this year. Check out local designers, retailers, and suppliers when renovating or redesigning your kitchen!

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