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New Year, New Design Trends.

We've said goodbye to 2020, but not all of its design trends. Yes, some of the styles that were gaining in popularity last year will continue to trend into 2021 and for good reason. They make us feel good! So, let's talk about what 2021 looks like... it looks like bright, bold colors, comfy and traditional styles, timeless and vintage classics, natural or more organic textures, and some new design words like "Grandmillennial Style". And oh yes, the 80's are back!

Every year, Pantone announces its Color of the Year along with Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams, just to name a few. This year the colors either fall into the bright and bold spectrum or into the organic and nature-loving palette. So, Pantone did something a little different this year and actually announced TWO colors of the year - a cheerful Illuminating Yellow and classic Ultimate Gray. Benjamin Moore got on the brighter spectrum as well introducing a calming, peaceful Aegean Teal Blue and Sherwin Williams went in a completely different direction evoking a sense of nature with an Urban Bronze.

Playing off Sherman William's deep bronze of the year, you're going to see more organic, natural fibers in carpets, area rugs, furniture, and home accents. Wicker and Rattan furniture might have been a trend of the past, but it has come back in beautiful patterns, designs, and textures that bring a sense of warmth to any space. Another trend that will continue to be a favorite in 2021 is the industrial style design that mixes wood with metal, creating a unique modern yet traditional look.

Let's go back to color for a minute. We've said bold colors are making their way into our spaces and you've been asking "Where?" Well, you'll find them in kitchens, dining rooms, living spaces, and even on unique upholstery pieces. These bold colors can help define your space and add an element of intrigue to your design depending on where and how you use it. For instance, the black kitchen designs that emerged last year transformed the all-white trend into a sleek, sophisticated and bold statement. While we're talking kitchens, backsplashes are also getting the attention of the bold look with interesting, hand-crafted designs and creative flares creating a "wow" factor for your space.

Another trend that will be of no surprise this year is making the home office a focal point in your home. With so many of us working from home these days, it's important to create a space that opens the doors of your creativity and enhances your ability to be productive. Let's face it: color, design, and comfort can affect the way we feel. It only makes sense to make your home office space a priority in your home.

Two of our last 2021 design trends are somewhat of an old and new style... literally. Don't go breaking out the Member's Only jackets or your Guess jeans, but if you liked the 80's then, you're going to love its return to the home design world now. Look for bold design and funky styles updated with a modern twist. Who doesn't remember all those green plants? They were not only everywhere in our home, but on so many of our fabrics too!

To finish the design trends of 2021, meet the "Grandmillennial Style"! It's a mix of your grandmother's nostalgia and the modern styles of today. So take the floral wallpaper, antique paintings (or any other vintage touch), then blend it with a comfy, traditional, or modern style... and there you have it, the Grandmillennial Style!

Of course, with every new year, there will be new designs and trends. Some you'll like and others you won't. So pick a trend that best fits your own style and make it your own. This year has a lot to choose from!

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