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Rugs and Redesigning Living Rooms

A beautiful rug can be a great addition to any room. It's a great way to tie together different pieces visually and add warmth, as well as layer a room's decor. It can also be a pretty significant investment piece. It's important to know which ones are the best fit for your family and how to care for it.

Indoor/Outdoor Rugs

One of the best rugs for a household with pets and kids are indoor / outdoor rugs. Made of polypropylene, they are stain resistant, fade resistant, and made of shed-free fibers. They also are mold and mildew resistant. Being stain-resistant, indoor/outdoor rugs are a great option for eating areas; especially if you have kiddos! These type of rugs hold up great in high traffic areas and don't require you to sacrifice your style. The best thing you can do to clean this kind of rug is to take them outside and hose them off.

Jute/Natural Rugs

If you desire strength and style, natural rugs are the best option to cover your floor. These type of rugs are ideal for the busiest areas of your home being that they are extremely durable. Their intricate designs, tight construction, and natural hues make these rugs a great addition to any space. The only downside of these are that they aren't waterproof, so make sure not to put them where there is a lot of moisture.

Viscose Rugs

Viscose rugs are very popular right now. The way that they reflect light and have a velvety feel is very appealing to homeowners. These rugs can be found in different shapes, sizes, patterns, and colors. Viscose rugs are known for their silk-like feel and versatility, but there are also some drawbacks. Because of their delicacy, these rugs may not be the best choice for your home if you have children or pets. It's best to keep them out of high traffic areas and not ideal to place where spills may occur.

Wool Rugs

Wool is one of the more popular materials used when making rugs. Given this, you'll be sure to find one in the wide variety that's offered. Wool rugs come hand-knotted and machine made. Most of them can be cleaned using a wool cleaning detergent. Depending on the quality of the wool, some can shed and require substantial vacuuming. A few drawbacks of wool rugs are that they absorb humidity and they are prone to color fading.

If you're in need of an area rug to complete your space, visit our Interiors Showroom to view the wide variety that we offer!

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