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A Pop of Color Goes a Long Way

Updated: Sep 26, 2019

Everyone needs a little color in their life/home. It can make all the difference when incorporated into a space. It's easy to play it safe when it comes to choosing colors for the design of your space, but that's no fun! So whether it's your bathroom, kitchen, shower, or laundry room, step outside your comfort zone and add some bold colors!


Choosing a color for the space you may renovating or designing from scratch can be a little overwhelming, lets just be honest. There are so many colors to choose from! One color that is always soothing is the color blue, no matter what space it's found in. This color is used more in bathrooms because it is a relaxing color. Most shades of blue are paired with whites and grays. Try to not overdo it with this color because you don't want the space to become cold. Adding texture and warmth by using wood tones would be the perfect solution.

So if you're going for a fresh or tranquil look for your space, consider using blue!


Green is a calming yet energizing color, and it's a great option to incorporate in your kitchen! This color brings a clean and refreshing feel to the space that it's in. Cooler shades of green, like mint, work well in kitchens, especially if paired with white or light wood accents. If you'd like a darker, more dramatic shade of green, emerald green is the color for you! This captivating shade would work well with white countertops, light woods, gray accents, and stainless steel appliances. If you don't want the green in your space to be so prominent, you can showcase it in a backsplash or other small accents!


If you're aiming to bring a little warmth into your space, consider using yellow! Adding a pop of yellow will bring life to your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room. Softer shades of yellow can be used on walls without overwhelming the space. If you want to use a bolder shade of yellow, consider using accents to bring that brighter yellow in. Chairs, stools, towels, and rugs are just a few examples of decor that you could use to incorporate warm yellows into the area you are designing. Whites, grays, light browns, and deep blues are just a few colors that pair well with yellow. Don't be afraid to add that extra dose of joy to your space by blending in this welcoming, crisp color!


Orange is another one of those bold colors than can be tricky to work with. Because it is bolder, you don't need much of it or else you'll overwhelm the space. So, choose a softer orange! If you want to incorporate orange into your shower, consider doing so in a shower niche, shower band, or shower bench. If you want to incorporate orange into your kitchen, showcase the color in a backsplash or by using other accents like barstools, hand towels, or tableware.

Using orange will easily brighten your space. It can be calm and soothing or cheerful and fun. If orange is your favorite color or you're just wanting to step outside the box, bring this bold color into your next project!


If you haven't noticed, blush pinks are making their way back into the design world and they'll be sticking around for a while! Though this color is perfect for a little girl's bedroom and or bathroom, it is now being paired with strong grays, crisp whites, and bold blacks giving the color more of an edge. This shade of pink also has a vintage feel to it and is used more in bathrooms because of its soft and relaxing quality. The soft and subtle color is commonly paired with grays, tans, and browns.


Purple is definitely a statement color, no matter the shade you choose. It's either a color you love or a color you hate, but if paired with the right colors, it can turn out beautiful! It's not a color that's commonly used when designing a kitchen or bathroom, but it's still a unique choice nonetheless. If a brighter shade of purple is not for you, try using a lavender. This shade is softer and easier on the eyes. Purple can be elegant and or relaxing if mixed with the complementing neutrals. This is also another great color choice for a little girl's bedroom or bathroom!


You may think that red is too bold of a color to use in your kitchen, but with the right placement and thorough planning, red can bring a bit of liveliness too any kitchen. Red is certainly not a color that you'd use all over a kitchen, but rather in certain areas of the design overall. You can never go wrong with red accents such as teapots, rugs, dishes, or barstools. An example of good use of the color red could be going for a modern feel in your kitchen: white/black countertops, red backsplash, white/black cabinets, white/black floors, and stainless steel appliances.

If you desire to incorporate red into your bathroom, make sure you use a deeper red and pair it with whites, blacks, or even wood tones.

Blacks & Whites

Black and white are two classic colors that you can never go wrong with! These are two colors that are most commonly used when designing a space. If you're wanting to incorporate more black into the space that you're renovating, don't forget that black absorbs light rather than reflects it. If you pair it with white, other light neutrals, or reflective materials, this will allow the space to feel more light and open rather dark. Some homeowners add another bold color in with the black and white to give their space more personality. Adding accents of warm browns, taupes, or beiges will keep your space from appearing stark and cold. If you're going for the modern feel in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room, black and white are the colors for you!

Let's be honest, picking colors while designing or renovating a space can be overwhelming; there's SO many to choose from! When homeowners become overwhelmed with all the color options, most tend to settle with neutrals. But we say let your favorite colors inspire you! Remember: a pop of color can go a long way!

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